a message from Laetitia & Pierre

We are very sad that the collection is ending, as well as our collaboration with Raf and Elle.

We gave our best throughout the project, always with the goal of doing the best for Crazydolls and the community.

Raf has shared information on Crazydolls discord with you, and on our side, we want to explain why we have reached this point. I want to remind you that we share the same vision with Pierre.

We, along with Pierre, built the creative world of Crazydolls. Raf contacted us in 2021 and offered to help us with marketing and to bring his team for network construction.

During this exchange, he mentioned the profit distribution as follows:

35% for him and his team, 35% for Pierre and me, and 30% for utility.

Regarding Raf’s part, we did not interfere with the distribution to his team, as it was his responsibility. We were excited about this proposal and the potential for utility (figurines, makeup, etc.).

We agreed on these terms verbally.

Crazydolls is a fantastic project in which we believe, even before collaborating with Raf. It’s very motivating and rewarding to have built a great community and see the world grow. However, after two years of hard work, it’s important to consider the financial aspect. We discussed this during our initial conversations.

Until just last month, we still had the intention of minting the entire collection, developing utilities, building the brand, and moving things forward (the community had been eagerly awaiting the mint date for several months). Our only request was to honor the original agreements, which is no longer the case: 

Sending us a document with a distribution of percentages that goes from 35% to 7% and 5% for Pierre and me completely breaks the initial deal and the trust we had established. If the new distribution had been proposed initially, we would not have collaborated with them.

Also, taking over our Twitter behind our backs, changing the number and emails, even though we created and paid for it, contributed to this trust issue.

We have also invested more than 4000 euros from the start, which is a significant amount of money for us. On their side from what we know, they only paid for caps for a AKCB event in Miami, they did not contribute other expenses, not even for minor expenses (such as the Twitter account where they asked for our card to pay). 

We created the name, logo, universe, all the Discord and Twitter posts, the team’s profile pictures, animated stickers, the entire collection of 5555 and the associated 3D, the website, managed the Twitter for several months (as Raf was unavailable due to Kid Called Beast), opened a platform to manage the progress of posts and missions, dealt with Discord issues because he was absent, and hosted live events on Discord.
These tasks went beyond the purely creative tasks originally defined. We did them because we believed in the project and wanted to continue building a great community and motivating the hardworking team.

In contrast, Raf and Elle have been less present since the beginning of the collaboration, unresponsive to our questions, postponing meetings (with excuses of a bad mood or a bad day). We understand that this can happen from time to time, but unfortunately, we were not well supported during our collaboration.

They also announced promising opportunities that ultimately didn’t materialize. They regularly asked us what we had planned for the future, for utilities. This is precisely where we were expecting their added value. They are the experts, and we have ideas. It’s not a problem; it’s about fulfilling each other’s roles.

We have been impeccable in our interactions with them, even when tensions rose, trying to find common ground and be accommodating. However, it’s no longer the time to find common ground. We’re not angry but disappointed with this collaboration. It’s impossible to build a long-term brand and universe without trust and good rapport.

To conclude the collaboration, we offered a contract to Raf to ensure that he keeps the community and the networks, while we keep the Crazydolls IP. He agreed in principle but ultimately refused to sign it. We took on the cost of drafting the contract through a lawyer and offered him feedback if needed (he requested a clause to prevent us from creating something else in the NFT space). He then argued that the contract was in France and that he didn’t trust it. We even offered to let him write the contract himself if necessary. All of this, in the end, resulted in no signature.

We also offered to transfer the Crazydolls rights for them to continue building the brand without us, but we couldn’t reach a financial agreement.
Why did we propose to remove the social networks? This option is not desirable. We want to conclude the collaboration in a clean manner and protect everyone’s interests. However, without a signed contract, we cannot give them the networks, as there is no guarantee that the visuals won’t be exploited. We had included a clause in the contract to ensure respect for each other, and it’s on this point that he also refused to sign.

We thank everyone who has followed us thus far, and we are sad that it’s ending in these conditions.